Born in 1959 in Paris (France)
Speaks English, Spanish and Russian
Technical training on metal work since 2002 at the "Ateliers Renard", Locksmiths in St Germain- en-Laye, France

Most of the pictures were taken by Marjolein Martinot, Bernd Noelle and R. Marti

I like metal.

Its different aspects, the way it feels, its odour, the sounds it makes when I work on it. I like the difficulties and the patience it requires. I can cut it, fold it, grind it, file it, weld it, rivet it, pierce it, paint it or varnish it.

Each of my sculptures is thought differently. I can start from a drawing, or from a paper / cardboard model, or by directly assembling different metal parts. I like working by series and having different projects at the same time. I mainly make sculptures in sheetmetal or metal, but I can also use different materials and work in a variety of sizes ( from 400 grams to ... 740 kgs ).

My sculptural universe draws in particular in the past : prehistory, mythology, primitive arts, popular arts, in order to offer a contemporary interpretation , sometimes simplified to the point of abstraction.

My work is mainly figurative, but for the last five years I have started a serie of abstract pieces ( "tableaux -sculptures" and "sculptures -tableaux ").